Bee Grissinger Art

      My work is greatly influenced by my personal experiences and the complex nature that is childhood and getting older. I enjoy using a variety of mediums such as fabric and soft sculpture, printmaking, collage, and found materials. I think that the materials influence what a piece becomes and how it is created. Most materials have a memory or personal significance to them. I’ve created a lot of  personal symbolism in my work that relates back to objects I had growing up and lost because we moved a lot. There is a childlike nature to my art and has a theme of bright colors and nostalgic materials to construct them. It’s not meant to look like a child could have constructed the artwork but more of an adult reminiscing and rediscovering what brought them joy and comfort when they were younger. I use art as an escapism from the everyday so everything I make feels very personal. Overall, I still have a strong connection to childhood and reflect on my past as well as how I have changed over time within the themes and mediums of my work.